business card and leafletsCreating a memorable business card can be the difference between new opportunities or not. Hundreds and thousands of businesses across the UK hand out their business cards on a daily basis to connections they meet at networking events or sales pitches, so how can you stay ahead of the curve? Here are some creative ways to ensure your business card printing in London stands out from the crowd and makes the right impression.

The first mistake many make is playing it too safe and blending in with the crowd. While companies such as Vista Print are great for template print and copy they can leave a little to be desired. Companies serious about making an impression put great thought into attracting an eye-catching and sophisticated card. Business card printing in London is one of the most competitive areas so ensure you aren’t just a face in the crowd.

The next thing to avoid is poor material quality and presentation of a quality card. You can have the best designed card in the world but if the build and print quality is poor you are on to a loser from the start. Whilst it may seem petty the infamous business card scene in American Pyscho does ring true. So whether you opt for Romalian type or Sicilian brail, be sure to use quality card and have a proper business card printing company in London take care of the manufacture.

A good quality business card also needs a clear and distinct message, so be sure to define your target market clearly and cater to the business you are. Do not be afraid to reflect the style of your working culture and organisation but do ensure to include all information on the card. It’s amazing how many business cards you find that are missing email addresses, phone numbers or have simple spelling and typing errors. Check, double check, check again and get somebody else to check, you will literally be throwing money away if you order a bunch of prints with a mistake.

It’s clear to all that business card printing London is much more than just a small rectangular piece of paper. It represents your business and is an impression of what you can offer. Don’t be afraid to distribute them around, after all you can always print more; there is nothing worse than having a drawer full of business cards you could of given out but did not. Keep the supply lines steady and watch the leads role in thanks to your business card.