Everyone has all the kit these days.  A laptop and a printer, at the very least, so who needs a graphic designer?  All you need are the Word design templates or a bit of graphic design software and anyone can create their own fliers, brochures and even websites, right?  Well, perhaps.  Give enough monkeys enough typewriters and they’ll come up with the full works of Shakespeare too, but don’t you want to give your fledging Surrey business the very best start?  Graphic designers are trained professionals.  They have spent four, five or more years gathering the skills, creativity, knowledge and experience to produce the quality designs you need for your business.  Now is not the time to cut corners or go for the cheap option.  Now is the time to build your brand on solid foundations, from which it can grow and develop successfully, and to do that you really do need the help of a local graphic design company.

Perception is the first step to recognition in business.  If you don’t give full respect to the power of your branding now, you may well regret it in the future.  If you launch your business into the market with a low quality logo from an inexperienced graphic designer, you will undoubtedly be perceived as a low quality brand that may produce low quality products or services.  And whilst it is certainly fun to sit down, fiddle around with some pictures and fancy fonts and come up with a logo, what you actually need is the expertise and resources of a graphic design company such as Woodblock to provide you with a consistent brand image.

OK, so not every business needs to stand out.  If you’re the only florist in a small village in the wilds of Scotland, it may just be enough to have your telephone number show up in internet searches.  But in somewhere like Surrey – not far from London – you’ll be competing with dozens, if not more, of other companies and you need to stand out.  You won’t be able to do that with clip art and a website that looks like all the others.  You need unique marketing materials and you need to keep your “look” consistent.  If you use different fonts and styles, it’s hard to look professional.  Your customers might not notice if you use one font on your website and another in print, but they subconsciously pick up on these details and form an opinion of your business.  You will look and seem more put together if, in fact, everything does fit together.  Graphic designers can see the little details and ensure that every part of your marketing material fits with everything else.

Have you ever been torn between two very similar products and decided to buy the one with the packaging that appeals the most?  Everyone has.  Decisions are as simple as that sometimes and people do judge books by their covers.  A good graphic design company can make sure that your cover shouts “Choose me”.