finishing-1If you are considering using commercial printers in Surrey, why not try Woodblock.  Based in Dorking, we provide a large range of digital print, print and graphic design services. Established since 2005, delivering quality across all channels at competitive prices, is our main aim.

If you are still unsure whether to use a commercial printer to manage your printing needs, why not take a look at just some of the many benefits.

1.      Time

Whilst you may think that you have the skills and the resources available to print your own materials, have you really considered whether this is the best use of your time? After all, time is valuable and should be used wisely.  Employing commercial printers to manage your printing needs, will help free you up to focus on other more worthwhile activities.  Printing your own materials in-house also takes a lot of time as it generally takes multiple attempts, before you produce what you had in mind.  This is lost time, and ultimately could have been better used elsewhere.

2.      Cost

In-house printing may appear to be a cheaper option, however, factor in the discounts that a commercial printer receives, as a result of buying supplies in bulk, and it may be cheaper than you think.

3.      Professional Design

Chances are if you are printing in-house, you are managing your design in-house too.  It is important to remember though, what you produce is a representation of your business.  Printed materials are excellent marketing tools, as they provide a snapshot of both your products and services.  Getting it wrong though, can have a disastrous effect on your business, so make sure you give some thought to asking your commercial printer to manage this aspect too.

4.      Quality

Regardless of how good your in-house printing equipment is, it is unlikely that it is going to be comparable to that of a commercial printing company.  By using a commercial printer, you are more likely to produce a higher quality product.  Not only do commercial printers test both the ink and the paper prior to production, they have rigorous quality standards ensuring that all material is free from error and other flaws

Woodblock are one of the leading commercial printers in Surrey, so what are you waiting for?  Whether it is short run digital business cards and operational print or large volume brochures, magazines and posters, Woodblock offer a quality, reliable and environmentally conscious print service.